Coaching Packages and Fees

Session fees:


Individual Sessions: $150 (1 Hour)

Group Sessions: $350 (2 Hours)


My sessions can be run in person or over Skype.





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This session is designed to discuss your motivations for coaching and what you hope to achieve from these sessions.  It allows the opportunity for me to get to know you and gain more information on how I can help you achieve the goals and dreams you desire and the breakthroughs you would like to see happen in your life.   It gives you information on what I offer and to ensure I am the right coach for you


$200 (2 Hour Session)

Rock Maze



This 6 week program is designed to help you begin to clarify your vision and look at what it takes to move towards it.  A lot of people have an overall idea of what they want in life and these sessions takes that vision, brings clarity to it and puts in place an action plan to enable it to become reality. The Foundations program will enable you to recognise the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goals and will build a solid foundation to move forward with.


$900 (6 Weeks)

Together at the Top

The Journey

Building the life you desire is a journey.  It does not happen overnight.  This 3 Month in-depth package will provide you with not only a firm foundation to clarify your vision and identify obstacles, it will also build upon that foundation setting specfic goals in place and developing a clear, concise plan to reach your goals. You will having the support, accountability and actiion steps to confidently move forward to reach your full potential and more. 

$1800 (3 Months)

Playing BIG

YOU ARE READY!!!  Take on the challenge, PLAY BIG and create some HUGE results.  You WILL be challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone  and you WILL get uncomfortable!!! There will be BIG results if you choose to play big and we will have FUN doing it!  This is a six month intensive program which gives you unlimited access to coaching.  Together we will look at each area of your life or specifically the areas you want to see massive growth in.  We will set BIG goals in both your personal and professional life and we will continually be moving forward to achieve these goals and more! There is so much more in each of us than we can even imagine and Playing Big gives us the opportunity to uncover and discover how to bring out the incredible potential in each of us and create the life we desire.  


Unlimited 6 Months

Want Something Different

Not a problem!  Just get in contact and I am happy to create a personalised package just for you.

Individual sessions are also available to be booked either as a top up to the packages or if you prefer book one session at a time.

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